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Monday, April 20, 2015

Dating in L.A.

I live in the city of angels, but trying to date in this city is anything but heavenly. I don't know what's wrong with the men here, whether its because its fast paced, they have a lot of options to chose from, or they just plain do not have respect for females, but they suck! I moved out to this city 4 years ago from Ohio and every almost relationship I've ever almost had here has never happened because of 1 reason. The men that I talked to wanted to skip every part of dating except for the sex part. I'm sorry but i have respect for myself and I'm not going to have sex with strangers because that's what they were. I didn't know anything about them besides their preference on getting blow jobs and they didn't know anything about me besides my first name. They didn't ask me out to dinner to get to know each other, or to the movies, or to coffee to see what my interests and goals in life are...they just asked me for sex. Every time I would explain to them that I am not looking for random hookups, I am looking to date. Now when I say dating I don't mean being in a relationship, being boyfriend and girlfriend, or even being monogamous. It merely means getting to know each other and learning about each other before we go right into sex. Every time I tell these men that, they go running for the hills. Unbeknown to them, I am a fucking catch! I know every girl thinks that about themselves and says that but I am very confident in knowing that I really am. I cook, I am open for spontaneous adventure, I don't need to be with my man 24/7...I don't need to be around him 7/11 even. I like my space, I like to be with my friends, I like time apart. I'm easy going, funny, and smart. But none of these little boys knew any of that about me because none of them cared to find out. That is truly their loss! I am a firm believer in fate, so i know that the right man is out there for me and we will meet when the time is right. But Shit! Dating until that happens is exhausting and frustrating. So I have decided to start a series of blogs about my dating experiences here in this beautiful city. Stay tuned!  

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Truly the Good Die Young - Dedicated to Adam Peters

I'm sitting here realizing yet again the sad, heartbreaking truth that death comes with. Another great person taken too early from this life. Today I lost a great friend by the name of Adam Peters. What he died from isn't what's important, what's important is that he was one of the most sincere, kind, honest, and just down right genuine people I ever met.  Adam knew how to make you laugh when you were sad or crack a funny joke when there was tension in the air. Everyone loved having him around and if you didn't, well then fuck you cause he didn't care.  Everyone had a special bond with Adam, whether you knew him really well or if you just met at a party, Adam touched your life in a way you never forget. I remember one of the greatest times I had with Adam was when he decided to throw like a weekend long party at his house. I know that sounds lame saying it was a good time cause it was a party but the best time was the day after the first night of partying Adam and all of us went to the beach and just spent the day there being crazy and having fun. We had a very random yet large friend group but everyone really cared for everyone and there was a bond made with all of us that can never be broken, not even by death. My heart breaks for Adams family because they are really great people! He was the spitting image of his older brother Ryan and shared the same attitude as his younger sister Amanda. Ryan, Adam and Amanda had a amazing sibling bond that everyone could sense right away. Kinda like you knew right away that you don't mess with the Peters family. My heart also breaks for my friend and Adams long time girlfriend Nicole. Nicole and Adam have been together as long as I can remember. They have a love so strong that nothing could break them...I mean they made it through freaking high school and college! Now that's saying something. They were always a fun loving couple that everyone enjoyed being around. I'm not sure if Nicole with get to read this but if you do Nicole know that I am truly sorry for your loss and if you need anything at all I am here for you as are a ton of other people. Adam had so much great potential and it breaks my heart to know he will never get to fully live up to it. But I feel blessed that I got the chance to know him and call him a friend. He always had a big smile and the goofiest laugh that just made you want to laugh. Adam I hope you know how many lives you truly touched with your amazing personality and kind heart. You are loved by so many and missed by even more. I won't say goodbye because I don't feel like death necessarily means we will never meet again. I think it just means that your time in this life was complete and you've moved on to the next life where I hope to meet you again. So I won't say goodbye but rather see you later. You will forever be in my heart as one of the greatest friends I ever had. Love you Adam.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Scatter brained at its finest...Wait, what was I going to blog?

First off, let me apologize to my millions and trillions of followers that I have not blogged in a long time! But I have a problem called Scatter Brainitis. Yes, it is a real condition I looked it up on Wikipedia! Honestly though I really do think I have this! I will start something, then get distracted my something else and totally forget to finish what I was originally doing. And this will happen multiple times a day, so imagine the tons of things that I don't finish! For instance I have about 10 blogs that I have yet to post because I have to yet finished them. They sit in the draft section of my blog page and when I log on here I just stare at them thinking maybe one day I will just finish them all! I'd be surprised if I finish this blog and post it! If I do then I will genuinely pat myself on the back because that means I actually accomplished something today! I am in the blogging mood right now and I'm hoping it lasts because I have A LOT to talk about! OK lets start with the elephant in the room...What did you give up for lent? Now let me begin by saying I am not the religious type. I don't go to church, or tithe, or read the bible. But I do believe in god, and I feel that I express that to him in my own way. Not by having someone else tell me how to worship him the correct way so he loves me back. Now I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the bible says that God loves all his "children". Not just the "children" that give their church 10% or more of their income. So If the churches can please stop shoving it down my throat that I need to give money that I don't even have to a church that just got in 5 new flat screen TVs in, that would be great! Sorry for the rant, back to the main question. What did you give up for lent? Again, I'm not religious but I like the challenge of giving something up for 40 days. I like to test myself to see how long I can really last without something and see how I feel about it when I can have it finally. So this year I decided to give up Facebook! And sweets but lets be honest a women on her period could never give up sweets! #Sorrynotsorry
But I really have stopped using Facebook! Its been surprisingly nice! I felt like Facebook was just taking up too much of my time when I really could be doing more productive things (Like finishing a blog) rather than looking at someones depressing status on "how they are having like the shittiest day ever". Or getting lost on those stupid Buzz Feed posts. I do not need to know which Mean Girl I am, or which City I should live in! I know which city I should live in and some stupid quiz isn't going to determine that for me! Now if that is your thing and you like getting lost on Facebook for 5 hours when you could have been actually living life then more power to you. But I choose to live in the now, not the social media now...which ends up being the past by the time you actually get to look at it. Geez, this is a ranty kind of blog. Sorry I guess I have a lot of stuff on my mind! Thanks for listening! I'm going to wrap it up with one more rant. Its on cell phones (Go figure). Here's the thing, I have a love/hate relationship with cell phones. If i had to choose I would say more of a hate. Now don't get me wrong I think they are great for their "intended" purpose, which its to keep you in contact with people. But people are using these things so much that they don't even know how to have face to face conversations anymore. Kids these days can't make eye contact or talk to someone without their cell phone in hand and its so sad! People are on their cell phones when they drive, when they are with friends at dinner, when they are at the movies, when they are working, when they go to the bank, when they are taking a poop...its crazy! I work at a place where I deal with customers face to face and it is insane to me how rude and oblivious people can be because they are on their cell phones. They come up to me and don't even say hello or say excuse me, they just tell me whatever they want me to help them with and then completely ignore me the rest of the time. And then they apologize to the person on the phone because they had to speak to me for 1 second. HELLO MCFLY! We as a society shouldn't accept this kind of behavior from one another. We should be able to talk face to face and not feel completely uncomfortable about it. I am guilty of using my cell phone at times when I shouldn't but I am also able to admit the fact that I do...could you? To end this on a good note, I want to say that life is good. Try and embrace everything and everyone you meet. Who knows what could happen.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

In the life of a bike rider

So this is something that has been bothering me for sometime now and I would like a straight answer as to Why! Why are people such assholes these days? Why do people pretend that they are the only person walking on the fucking sidewalk these days?

OK so the basic story behind all this is that I am an advocate bike rider. I ride my bike everywhere because A. its a fast way to travel B. its good exercise and C. ITS GOOD FOR THE EARTH!. Now I think that those are some pretty great ideas to bike ride. I'm not saying that everyone who drives is bad or anything like that. I'm just saying that people need to be more courteous and respectful, and not only to bikers but to other people in general but that's a whole nother post! Anyway, So I ride my bike to work which is less than a 10 minute ride and I swear I become invisible to people! Ill be riding on the sidewalk and people will just continue to walk towards me so I have to swerve out of the way! COME ON PEOPLE!...Its soooo annoying when its just 1 person walking because they like to walk in the middle of the sidewalk like they fucking own IT! Like seriously take two steps to the left OR right and we will be copasetic! But no...they act like they are the only kid on the fucking playground. WELL GUESS WHAT! YOUR NOT! Geez..It SUCKS when you have that couple that's walking down the sidewalk holding hands acting all gushy n shit! Oh how fucking sweet! For some reason they think that if they have to split for you then that's them splitting the relationship! So they just like to act like they don't hear you ringing your bell or struggling to pass them and not fall into the street. I'm thinking about installing a mega phone onto the front of my bike so that people will have no choice but to get the hell outta my way when I'm riding! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!! The ABSOLUTE worst people that walk the sidewalk are the people who WALK n TEXT! If i ever wanted to be really mean to someone it would be at that moment when the Walk N Texter was walking straight toward me, and i was riding pretty fast toward them, and they have no idea and I slam right into them and their phone shatters! Then again that sounds like it could be pretty painful for me scratch that idea. Oh how about I get a stick with a boxing glove attached to the end and acted like I was jousting and slammed that into them?!! Yea that's what Id do! OK i get answering a text but how can you be sooo engulfed in that message that you don't notice ANYTHING around you?! Please someone help me figure this one out cuz I'm concerned. And it seems like I'm a magnet because people will be texting and walking toward me when there's like 4 feet of open sidewalk! WTF! Wow...oddly this rant is helping me feel better! Lol. I'm just saying that people need to pay more attention to their surroundings. I mean don't you people get that you are easy targets for getting robbed?! No...well you are!

So the Moral of the Story is...People please watch your step!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Too many ideas...

Do you ever feel like you have sooo many ideas that you dont even have time or energy to write them down to remember them? I feel like I always have these great ideas and im like OH man i should write that down....but then I dont and then I forget what that awesome idea was! Ah its so frustrating! Take right now for example. Im thinking about how I want to be on snl and how i want to write down skits and how i want to go to the beauty store to get some makeup and how i need to make an appointment for my hair and how i....WOAH! See what happens! I mean how the hell am I supposed to keep track of all the things going on in my mind when things are popping up ever millasecond! And then! Oh man and then when i am watching SNL i get lost in the show and completley forget that i was just thinking of ideas because the show is so amazing! I think thats why I need to invest in a recorder, so that i can just speak my ideas and make it easier to get them all out at one time. But with so many ideas Ill look like a crazy person talking to a tape recorder all of the time. That or Ill look like a 90s detective...but still crazy! Better yet! Why dont I just blog all of my ideas and just type them as I think them and then they are saved for ever! Yea I think thats why I will do! Thanks for listening!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

This is my problem!

This is my problem! I start something like this blog and will do good for about a week with blogging then I keep procrastinating on doing more! I don't understand why! I mean....................................................................Damn it! See I just went and opened a different website and started searching! Its because my mind its thinking about things faster than the speed of light and when I think of something I have to act on it right away or else I will forget and it will be lost! I think that I need a tap recorder and I'm just going to record it all so I don't forget. Then I will become the weirdo who is seen talking to herself all of the time because I need to make sure I don't miss something. I think its worth it! Anyways, my so my sister, our friend, and I are watching the movie Rent and if you have seen it you know how great it is. And how hard it is to watch it without singing all of the songs! My sister has never seen it so its like "Movie Code" that I don't sing it this time. ( For all of you that don't know what "Movie Code" is, its when someone that has not seen the movie that is being watched then all parties present cannot TALK, SING or GIVE AWAY anything about the movie! Learn the Code....LOVE the Code!) So I'm sitting here trying to occupy myself so that I don't belch out the song by blogging. Is it working you may ask?? Well not entirely...i keep doing a very light singing/humming. But my sister hasn't complained yet.

So its Award Season for all of you that love to watch them. I do! I love Awards Season because its motivation for me to get there next year! The Golden Globes were on last week and I thought they were pretty good!! In the Pre-Show where everyone is showing up on the Red Carpet they all seem to be talking about how they were excited that they serve alcohol. I'm pretty sure every other interview someone mentions how its a great thing that alcohol is served and they plan on getting pretty inebriated! And it seems like they all had a pretty good time!
Ricky Gervis was pretty entertaining too! Especially as the night went on and so did the drinks! He had to give a stern talking to to all of the winners because they decided that they wanted to have 8 minute speeches instead of the typical 2.They would even start playing music to signal people to wrap it up. Some people got it, but others, not to mention any names (Cough Meryl Streep) would just ignore it. But even though Ricky made fun of everyone who had a long speech, everyone that one after that still had long speeches and made Harrison Ford have to be a creepy old man and say one word instead of his sch peal.
I wonder if the Hollywood Foreign Press makes it a rule to Thank them first in peoples speeches. Because everyone did. Even the people who didn't really thank anyone thanked the HFP. Maybe before the show they tell everyone that if they win that they HAVE to thank the HFP or they will not get their award! NO EXCEPTIONS...NOT EVEN YOU ALEC BALDWIN!
How weird is Madonna! Like really?! If you heard her speech at the Golden Globes you would understand that she is just an egotistical weirdo! OK A. She needs to gain some weight so her body doesn't look so damn creepy and B. I would like to see her not, key word NOT, talk about herself in one sentence! And come on! How are you gonna low blow Elton John! I'm sure he made time to write his song to be nominated!
The presenters did a great job! William H. Macy and his wife's song was hilarious! And I'm sure they didn't rehearse that. The foriegn people were killing me though. They were trying so hard to make sense. It was a valiant effort!
Why did it seem to take people so long to get to stage? There would be like 5 minutes of downtime waiting for the winner to get to stage! I mean you can only watch people walk for so long....RUN NEXT TIME!
Did anyone catch Tina Fey and how fucking HILARIOUS she was! There was one point where they flashed to Amy Pohler because she was nominated for Parks & Recreation and Tina Fey creeped in the back round and it was too funny!
Is it bad that every time a female walked on stage I couldn't help but think how funny it would be if they fell. I mean that stage was so shiny it was bound to happen!
You could definitely tell that by the end of the night the alcohol was seeping in to people! They all seemed to be having a great time!
Well that's it for the Golden Globes! Ill be sure to keep all of you updated on the future awards shows for this season!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Do you believe in Fate?

Do you believe in fate? I do! I think that fate happens all the time! I like to think that fate is signs pointing us into the right direction or let us know that maybe we are doing the right thing! Ok here are a few examples of things that I believe fate had to do with. When you apply for Chase Bank, you are applying for multiple locations because there is literally a Chase on every corner. Anyways, what are the odds that I get a job at the Chase that is the closest one to my apartment and I can walk there? Not good enough for you? Ok ok how about this...I met someone today who choreographs flash mobs and asked him how to sign up...I go to the website to sign up and the next flash mob is called Birthday Mob and its on Feburary 1st...the day of my best friends birthday and the day before mine! Still not convinced? Geez ok then how about this...I entered a contest to win $10,000 on Dec. 2nd at 2:00pm and on Jan. 2nd I got a call at 2:00pm on the dot telling me that I had won a drawing for $10,000!!! Ok ok that last one didnt happen but hopefully you all get my drift! I just think that alot of times things happen for a reason and certain things and certain people are put into your life to help you in life. So think about some of the things that have happened to you and then tell me...Do you believe in fate?